You may be asking: Should I globalize my vehicle fleet? Will it be worth the time and effort to accomplish this?

Here are some of the advantages of working with the Element-Arval Global Alliance:

  • Extended Global Scale
  • Expert Advice
  • Harmonisation and Optimisation of your Fleet
  • Dedicated Account Teams
  • Digital Tools and Global Performance Visibility

Customer Experience

Element-Arval Global Alliance Single Point-of-Contact

Single point-of-contact, and a dedicated account team managing your fleet with designated local support for optimisation.



The Element-Arval Global Alliance offers account teams dedicated to one customer, consistent structures across geographies enabling a single point of contact model with designated local support for optimization and implementation. We utilize a driver management approach, advanced technology and expert advice from our consultants to achieve your global fleet goals and manage all daily operational queries.

Consulting. We provide dedicated strategic consulting that proactively delivers client-specific strategic insights and industry trends. We’ve made major investments in expertise allowing our consulting missions to drive direct impact on client Total Cost of Ownership, mobility and fleet policies to achieve successful results.

Dedicated service. At the international level, we provide you with a dedicated global account manager who is based in the region your fleet has the most vehicles or where your company is headquartered.

Local resources and knowledge. Supporting your defined global strategy, local account teams provide expertise and understanding of regional complexities and variations, ensuring your strategy is implemented across all regions.

A smart customer and driver experience. We provide a comprehensive suite of digital 2.0 tools for fleet managers and drivers including mobile apps and social networks.