The longest standing global strategic alliance in the fleet industry

  • 2023

    EAGA expands relationship with Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service in Indonesia increasing services to 56 countries

    Partnership with Sixt Mega Rent (Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina)

    The Alliance expands service to 55 countries

  • 2020

    Celebrating 25 years of global partnership

  • 2018

    Ireland partner, Johnson & Perrott joins the Alliance

  • 2017

    Element and Arval launch Integral Fleet, the first 3rd-party global reporting tool offered by a fleet management company

    Arval opens in Norway, its 29th country

  • 2016

    The Alliance expands services to 50 countries

    Partnership with RDA Renting (Argentina and Uruguay)

  • 2015

    Arval acquires GE Fleet Services in Europe

    Element Financial Corporation purchases GE Capital Fleet Services’ U.S. operations, as well as its fleet operations in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand

    Avis Fleet client data integrated into Arval Analytics Global Reporting

    Avis Fleet adds Tanzania and Zambia to the map

  • 2014

    PHH Corporation’s fleet subsidiary acquired by Element Financial Corporation

    The PHH Arval Global Alliance becomes the Element-Arval Global Alliance

    Arval sets up joint venture in Shanghai with Ba-shi Car Rental Service Co. LTD.

  • 2013

    Partnerships formed with Mareauto (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) and Avis Leasing (Mexico)

  • 2012

    Partnership with sgfleet (Australia and New Zealand) formed

    Arval adds Denmark and Finland to the map

    Avis Fleet in Southern Africa adds Ghana to the map

  • 2010

    North American data integrated into Arval Analytics global reporting

  • 2008

    Arval adds Hungary to the map

    Arval Analytics global reporting is launched in Europe

  • 2007

    Arval adds India and Greece to the map

  • 2006

    Arval adds Romania and Turkey to the map

  • 2005

    Arval adds Brazil and Russia to the map

  • 2000

    PHH and Arval sign strategic alliance agreement

  • 1998

    Sumitomo Mitsui Auto Service and Avis Fleet partnerships begin

    Arval launches the International Business Office in France

  • 1995

    PHH and Arval founding partnership begins