Global fleet case study small fleets

Small Fleet Harmonization

The Situation: This client operated most of its fleet in North America, but also a small number of vehicles in multiple other countries, managed from its U.S. headquarters. The company decided it was time to centralize and harmonize its approach to international fleet management and vehicle selection…

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Global case study on global fleet RFP

Globalization via RFP

The Situation: This client operates 4,400 vehicles globally in 23 countries. The fleet was managed separately in each country. In order to harmonize its fleet under one global provider, the client decided to issue a Request for Proposal to a number of fleet management companies around the world…

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Global fleet case study on phased approach

Phased Globalization Approach

The Situation: A client serving the chemical industry operated over 7,000 vehicles in North America with Element as its fleet management company, and nearly 3,000 in Europe using numerous providers. The company was interested in getting the same comprehensive services in Europe as it was accustomed to in North America, particularly in the area of fleet safety…

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